Re-use our coffee grounds

Mindfulness: Our approach to 2021

The year 2020 taught us how to overcome obstacles, forced us to consider the impact our practices have on people and their environment and led many to question the status quo. And so, as we step into 2021, we have set new goals for Two Hands, with an emphasis on mindfulness.

High on the agenda for most, but especially the food industry, is waste. At Two Hands, we will be tackling this issue with simple and innovative ways to reduce or repurpose our food waste. On January 4th, we launched our new initiative of repurposing used coffee grounds, whilst enabling our customers to benefit. It’s super simple and can be very effective!

Simply visit one of our café spaces and ask the team for their used coffee grounds. The grounds will be supplied to you in the original Union Coffee packaging to take home. Used ground coffee can be repurposed in many ways, from natural plant fertiliser to an effective home-made body scrub.  Check out some simple tips and tricks below.

Avid gardeners listen up

Coffee grounds contain many minerals, some of which are fantastic for plant growth. Sprinkle a thin layer around the base of your plants and see how the nitrogen and calcium rich grounds boost plant growth.

*It’s important to double check that your favourite plant will appreciate the coffee grounds: their high levels of acidity may not be suitable for all plants.

The all-natural scrub

Body scrubs, as part of a skin care regime, can be very effective as well as rather expensive. Simply take a handful of coffee grounds and add two tablespoons of natural coconut oil. Mix together in a bowl to make your scrub. Gently massage into the skin and wash off with your usual body wash.

Grow more food

How amazing! Use the waste grounds to grow delicious mushrooms for your weekend brunch:

  1. Grab a bag of 2.5kg grounds and moisten them slightly
  2. Add 500 grams of mushroom spore and sawdust mixture to the coffee ground mix*
  3. Place the coffee mixture into a bucket or outdoor containers and fill to two thirds
  4. Cover the top of your container with clingfilm and create air holes in the top
  5. Lightly spray the surface with water on a daily basis so the mixture is nice and moist and keep in a dark area
  6. Within a few weeks you will start to see little mushrooms appear. Move the container to a lighter area where there is free-flowing air. Your mushrooms will grow over the next week or so and be ready for harvest

*ensure you buy your mushroom spore and sawdust mix from a gardening store and check they are an edible variety

Keep up to date with our monthly mindful blog with tip and tricks throughout 2021.

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